Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thank you for your concern

Yes! We had rather big earthquakes yesterday.
Actually we have tremors every day and get used to them
Please check this site. You'll be surprised how frequently we have tremors!

So I was a kind of surprised at receiving mails to ask how I was.
But thank you very much for your thought!!

When I saw the news yesterday, it was M6.1 and the epicenter was off Chiba prefecture, northeast of Tokyo.
It was actually big but after 311, our nerves are a kind numbed.
Many programs about earthquakes are on TV everyday which remind us of always getting ready for big ones.

Under this current situation, I'm thinking of my career.
I may end the career as a tour guide.
It's not only because I have no tours but also I'm getting scared at escorting foreign tourists in this current situation.
The longest tour is about 2 weeks and we travel all over Japan.
I can't guarantee even my safety so I can't guarantee others.
I'm sorry but this is my honest feeling now.
There are other guides who are waiting for tourists' coming back.
But I think and feel I did enough.
I like to move on the next stage.
I'll update my situation in this blog or by mail.

Thank you very much for having been my guests!
Our friendship will be forever.