Tuesday, March 27, 2012

one more nuclear power station

We had 54 nuclear power stations in Japan.
Yesterday, one in Niigata prefecture stopped and now 53 nuclear power stations stopped.
The last one in Hokkaido prefecture will stop on May 5th.
After that, no more working nuclear power stations in Japan!

Until the earthquakes, tsunami and Fukushima incident last year, 37 nuclear power stations had been working.
But after the disasters, many of them stopped for safety inspection.
Some of them were supposed to work again after the inspection.
However, many local governments and citizens opposed and conducted demos.
They remained being stopped.

We relied 30% on nuclear energy.
Now thermal power stations which had stopped started working again.

And all of us do our best to save energy.
A variety of clean energy are being developed now.

We can't avoid natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunami.
But we hope we like to avoid the secondary disasters like fire and explosion of nuclear power stations.

Japan experienced atomic bombs and explosion of nuclear power stations.
We shout loud NO MORE NUCLEAR!!!

It is true that nuclear have contributed to the development of our life.
So we thank the nuclear truly and release them.
Thank you very much!
Good bye forever!
Rest in peace!

We have to find out the way to dispose of nuclear waste next!