Friday, January 20, 2012

I love pottery-making!

Today We had the first snow in this winter in my area.
Snow changed to rain and didn't stay.
It's very cold these days. It's colder than previous winters.
When I was small, it was very cold and snowed a lot.
I did snowball fighting and made a snowman with my friends at school.

These days I do pottery-making a lot.
My another pottery were ready.

Those dishes were wrapped by straws and burnt in kiln.
The places where the straws are located become brown color after they were burnt.
But it is very difficult to wrap them by straws.

By the way, I also painted this handkerchief underneath the dishes.

This is a beer cup.
When beer is poured, the bubble of beer becomes smaller in this cup and the taste becomes milder.
I can't wait to drink beer in this cup!!!

This is a set of small bowls.
When you hold them, you realize the shapes are not perfect.
But I love them!!

Before I start making pottery, I have to think what I like to make in advance.
On the other hand, When I paint, I just start painting without thinking too much.
They are very different but I like and need both.

Our life is similar to pottery-making, I think.
We make a plan in advance although we can change in process.
But the foundation is very important.
Nobody starts building a house without blueprint.

I always feel I can be grounded and concentrate on this moment while I'm making pottery.

It is said that when we are grounded and focus on this moment, we can attract things we want and our reality is moving forward.

Actually, I can get a direct contract as a tour guide with my most favorite company!!
Travel agents are always in the middle between guides and clients.
I'm very lucky!!!

I'll do my best and do each job with my whole heart.