Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The last of the autumn leaves

Wearing: Zara jacket and top (old), H&M Pleather pants, Acne boots, F&F scarf, Rings coming soon to S&F Shop!
Firstly I owe you all an apology! As you may have noticed there has been a huge lag of blog posts over the last couple of weeks and even tweets! I have got extremely busy with University now that I am in my final year, so I am trying to plan a blog schedule right now that is enough to keep you guys informed but little enough for me to cope with. It may have to be short and sweet for a little while. Please bare with me though, you are all such a support!
Right onto the post! I attended a beautiful wedding at the weekend and stayed in this lovely country manor house in sussex. I had such a good time, the wedding had some really original ideas like someone doing charactertures at the wedding after party as well as a huge vintage sweet stand which I loved! There was no internet there for the weekend which was actually really nice as I couldn't stress about reports or (lack of) blogging. It was so nice for me to wake up in the countryside once again and breathe in fresh air! 
I wanted to wear a simple classic outfit in earthy tones as it was for the wedding breakfast, I love wearing silk and leather together, they balance each other out perfectly!