Thursday, July 21, 2011

Herbert Winful---Organizer of the Nonlinear Optics at 50, a symposium at univ. of Michigan in Oct.

I noticed Professor Winful because he is one of the two African Americans present in the meeting room. I thought to myself, wow, this is worse than women. Out of the around 150 particiants, there are about 10 women there.

Yesterday the chair announce that there will be a symposium at the Unvi. Of Michigan celebrating the 50th anniversary of the birth of NLO. He said for more details, please contact Professor Winful.

I got a flyer during the poster session from Professor Winful. I was in a hurry trying to look through all the posters and take pictures so I didn’t talk to him much.

Later I googled him and found out that he is a professor at Univ. of Michigan doing research in the area of fiber optics. He is also featured as one of the “Laser Pioneers” at the LaserFest website. I found out that he's had an interest in lasers since he was a child. He won a lot of awards and “When not pondering theoretical problems in laser science, Winful likes to relax at the piano, playing the music of Bach, Chopin, and Brahms." "It is my greatest joy, next to my work."

For more information on the symposium please contact him.