Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aloha, 2011 NLO, a family friendly conference

Registration desk

By the end of the opening remarks for the conference, Wayne H. Knox, professor from Inst. Of Optics Univ. of Rochester introduced his wife and said (not exactly like this, I tried my best to remember):

“Many years ago, we came here for a conference. We had only 1 kid. Each time after we go back from the conference, we have a new baby. Now we have 6 kids and 1 grandkid.

Once during NLO conference, someone asked: "What do you do with our spouses?" Then we decided to have a Hawaiian cultural workshop for the families. It was very successful.

This year, there will be a workshop as well. People can learn and also have a chance to perform at the wed. conference Luau. “

His wife started the conference with a beautiful Traditional Hawaian chant.

Indeed, this is a really family friendly conference. Many attendees bring their families with them. The hotel, as a resort, has many kids activities. For example, they have Koi Fish feeding every morning and evening.

I saw many professors enjoy family time at the kids swimming pool. It has a slide. Kids absolutely love it.

Hope you all enjoy the conference like I do.